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CGC construction has been helping Southern New Hampshire home owners improve their homes by installing high quality siding for over two decades.  Whether you would like to add hardie board, vinyl or cedar, installing new exterior siding to your house will lower your energy costs in the cold New Hampshire winters and the humid New England summers.  There are many choices of siding for your home. As a local siding contractor, CGC helps you make the right choice of exterior siding that will best meet your unique home needs. Wood siding on your home requires a great deal of ongoing maintenance including the need to paint and weatherproof every few years. If wood isn’t painted, it will be adversely affected by moisture related issues. When you add vinyl siding, you add durability to your outside walls. For maintenance, vinyl siding is easily cleaned with  soap and water.

If you decide vinyl is not right for your home, you can also choose Hardie Board also known as fiber cement siding. In addition to the durable nature of fiber cement, it can also easily mimic other sidings for a more traditional look including wood siding and even stucco.


Exterior Siding will lower your energy costs

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Siding keeps the elements out and your heat or air conditioning inside, thereby saving you money on utilities. This is why siding is a great investment for your property.

Reduced maintenance

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It has long been known that exterior siding has very little maintenance required. There is no need to scrape, paint or apply a stain each and every year. All that is nesessary is to wash it with soap and water.

Should I use hardie board?

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Unlike Vinyl siding, hardie board is virtually impervious to elements like rain, high winds, and humidity. It also is resistant to hail and flying debris.

Vinyl siding is very affordable

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With standard external walls made of wood, you will incur the cost of painting 3 or more times or more over a 20 year period.  With vinyl, there is no need to worry.


What are my options if my siding has been discontinued?

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We will match your siding with an appropriate replacment, or provide you with a free estimate to re-side the damaged area.

Does siding require scraping and painting?

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No. The vinyl that we install includes your color selection mixed with the vinyl resin for a permanent color. It just needs a little soap and water to wash it down every now and then.

Vinyl prevents mold and mildew formation

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Water combined with vinegar, bleach or dish soap will stop the growth of mold and mildew on your exterior walls.

Can you re-use panels that have blown off my house?

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As long as the panels are not damaged  we can generally re-use them.

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