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CGC is the local remodeling company in southern New Hampshire that can help you renovate your home and improve its value through kitchen remodeling, building custom cabinets, changing the siding on your house, adding seamless gutters, and more.  What ever your home improvement needs, CGC can help you out.

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Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing

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CGC home improvement will sand your existing kitchen cabinets down, taking off the old finish, apply a new color and finish, and install new door knobs.

Custom Cabinet Construction

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CGC understands how expensive it can be to purchase mass-produced kitchen cabinets that may or may not fit your specific kitchen needs. We come to your house take measurements of your kitchen, then ask you about your preferences.

Updated Kitchen Backsplash Installation

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When it comes to kitchen tile backsplash designs, CGC can help you choose just the right design to suit your tastes and then install it quickly and competently to give your kitchen a whole new look and feel.

New Kitchen Sinks

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You put all the work and planning into cabinets, counters and even new appliances, but some people forget about the little things like a new sink to match the new counters, we pay attention to these little details so that you are excited about your new kitchen.

Designing Kitchens

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Chris and his team can sit down with you and present all of the latest designs and trends that are currently in style. We will work together to make sure that all aspects of the kitchen remodeling project are handled with precision and care.

New Kitchen Coutnertops

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We will schedule an in-home measure assessment, remove your old countertops, install new counters, and have your renovated kitchen completed before you know it.

Build out Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen islands are social gathering places that allow the cook to interact with family and friends, as well as provide much more space for cooking and entertaining at home.

Build in Microwave Ovens

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You put all this time, money and effort into choosing the best new coutners, don’t waste space and cover it up with a microwave,  we can build it right into the wall so that you retain all that needed counter space.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinet Resurfacing

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We sand your existing bathroom and other cabinets smoother, taking off the old finish and we apply a new color and finish, and install new door knobs.

Hight Quality Cabinet Construction

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Sure Home Depot and Lowes will sell you  mass-produced kitchen cabinets that may or may not fit your specific kitchen needs. Rather, let us make sure your cabinets fits your kitchen and have enough door swing that contribute to a custom cabinet long lifespan.

Choose unique door styles

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There are so many unique door styles and finishes to choose from, picking a style of your kitchen can be overwhelming. With this in mind, it is helpful to have an idea of the general style you are leaning towards and we will gladly help you choose the best options for you. We are confident that whatever style you choose, we will make a custom door style and finish that will please you.

Strong and Durable Cabinets

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We use solid wood products not pressboard like some of the cheap box stores do, so  that our cabinets hold heavier things because long-lasting, quality cabinet frames provide stability

Simple to Clean Interiors

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We use specific materials inside the cabinetry we build that provide a very strong resistance to moisture and are non-porous which makes them easy to keep clean.

Interior Add-ons

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When planning your cabinet project we take into account not only the experior, but also the accessories to go inside such as, lazy Susans, trash bin and recycling pull-outs, and utensil dividers.

Cabinet lighting

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Kitchen cabinets have lots of stuff in them and having the right lighting makes it easier to find what your are looking for. With this in mind, you may want to add  light strips above the cabinet.  Interior cabinet and drawer lighting provides a help inside the cabinetry.

Rollout Base Cabinets

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Homeowners with small and galley kitchens may want to add a rollout base cabinet to make it easier to grab things in the back of your pantry.

Siding and Repairs

Enhances Curb Appeal

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Improve your home for selling.  Adding that fresh new painted look to any house, makes it easier to sell your home.

Retains lasting color

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To ensure the best appearance, the color on the vinyl siding we install has been tested to make sure it can withstand the harsh weather ane elements in New Hampahire.

Energy efficient

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Siding keeps the elements out and your heat or air conditioning inside, thereby saving you money on utilities.  This is why siding is a great investment on your property.

Hardy board and Siding

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Unlike Vinyl siding, hardy board is virtually impervious to elements like rain, high winds, and humidity. It also is resistant to hail and flying debris.

Vinyl siding is very affordable

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With standard external walls made of wood, you will incur the cost of painting 3 times  or more over a 20 year period, which you will not need to worry about with Vinyl.

Siding doesn’t require scraping and painting

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The vinyl that we use comes with your color selection mixed with the siding that is more or less permanent. It just needs a little water to wash it down.

Vinyl prevents mold and mildew formation

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Water combined with vinegar, bleach or dish soap will stop the growth of mold and mildew on your exterior walls.

Low Maintenance

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It has long been known that siding has very little maintenance required. There is no need to scrape, paint or apply a stain each and every year.  All you have to do is to wash it down with a llittle water.


Seamless gutters offer a customized fit

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Homeowners are guaranteed a perfect fit… every time, which eliminates the worry about leaks.

Experience fewer leaks

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Leaks happen inside gutters generally where 2 pieces are joined, and the seal starts to erode. When this happens, the water sits on the metal material and can form rust. Seamless gutters eliminate these joints, thereby reducing leaks and the problems that follow.

Longer lasting

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Because seamless gutters do not leak or retain water inside and rust like sectional gutters, they have a longer life span and don’t need to be replaced as frequently.

Zero maintanence required

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Due to the fact that seamless gutters use less joints, they don’t accumulate as much debris as sectional gutters do. Animals also dislike them. The result, the gutters do not need to be cleaned like sectional ones do.

Face less clogs & backups

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Sectional gutters have many seams that tend to clog up the pipeline with leaves and twigs getting stuck in the grooves. This makes it harder for the rainwater and melted snow to flush out the bottom with nature in the way.

Increased home value

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Home buyers for the most part  find seamless gutters more aesthetically appealing than sectional gutters and as such are willing to pay more for a home that has them.

Recent Work

Chris and his crew worked tirelessly througout the day and into the evening, until the porject was done at a very fair price.

Ivan S

Siding project in Swampscott, MA

CGC helped remodel my antique kitchen in Salem.  They did a great job not only getting us the end result we wanted, but connected us with a great appliance store for a good price.

Dave G

I wanted a new kitchen to help me sell my home.  Chris and his crew did a great job with that and helped me be able to sell my house with the updated kitchen.

Heather Smith