Kitchen Remodeling

If you are looking for the best way to enhance your lifestyle and add value to your southern New Hampshire home for resale, according to many local real estate agents, you may want to consider the idea of a kitchen remodelling project.

Whether you want to get the best resale value or simply enjoy the shared space for years to come, upgrading your home or condo with a new kitchen space could completely change the layout of your existing kitchen, allow for a more efficient cooking space or even give you greater pantry storage by adding custom cabinets. Everything from upgrading old cabinetry or counter tops by adding quartz or granite counters can be an efficient and important step to adding increased value to your home.

Whether your goal is to stay in your home for a few more years or you’re interested in upgrading your home for resale, working with an experienced kitchen remodelling team can make sure that you design and build the ideal kitchen for your home.

The style of kitchens age over time, and it doesn’t take long before your kitchen may need a major facelift, or a substantial upgrade to handle the growing needs of your family. There’s no reason to be afraid to seek professional assistance to make sure your kitchen looks its absolute best.

Upgrading your kitchen to a modern and intelligent design will make sure that your family or a potentail home buyer can be better accommodated. You can access improved storage space and make room available for the latest and most popular appliances.

We can help with a wide range of custom kitchen support options including cabinet build outs, new countertops, flooring, electrical, lighting and more. No matter what style options you might be seeking for your home, we can help with your selections and leave you completely satisfied with your home improvements.

Add Home Value

Cabinet build outs

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Custom kitchen cabinets are popular because are designed to fit your kitchen’s unique dimensions, and your needs based on what you want to store. You can also create any front-end design that you like. This is different then just going to Home Depot cabinet department and picking out the cheapest pressboard cabinet which may not fit perfectly into your kitchen and waste space.

New quartz countertops

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If you have kids that spill and make messes in the kitchen you may want to consider upgrading your counters to quartz. This is because it is non-porous so it withstands staining much better than granite, marble and concrete countertops.

New granite countertops

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Having the right countertop can not only make your kitchen look great, but also make cooking a breeze. Granite can resists high heat. When you have to set down a hot pan fast, granite can take the heat without being damaged or weakened, like plastic laminate countertops.

Install a backsplash

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The biggest asset of your home is the kitchen. One way to improve the look and feel as well as to increase how much someone is willing to pay for your home is to add tile to the walls behind the range giving extra charm and a look of luxury.

Upgraded Flooring

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If you’re looking for a good way to increase the value of your house before a sale, hardwood flooring, has been shown to increase the sale price by 2.5% on average. as such, installing hardwood floors in the kitchen may be a great choice.

Enhance your lifestyle

Built in Microwave Ovens

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Stop loosing valuable counter space to a clunky microwave sitting in the middle of everything.  We can build in a cubby to install your microwave on the wall and free up space for cutting boards, and cooking to take place.

Change out stoves and built in ovens

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When deciding to install a wall oven or stand alone cooktop, you should consider if you will save your use up valuable kitchen space. A range is typically 30 inches wide, while a wall oven and cooktop will take up at least 57 inches of space. If you entertain a lot, you also may want the ability to cook various dishes at the same time.

Add or change lighting

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Your Kitchen needs to allow for both natural and electric lighting.  We take time to build windows that will provide enought light during the day, but also ensure you have the right lighting for entertaining at night.  We also make sure your cabinets and drawers are lit well so you can find the things you need in a pinch.

Replace the faucet

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Check your sink first, then chose a faucet style with a built-in soap dispenser and a pressure sprayer. You can even add a smart component so you can measure out a cup of water by telling Alexa to do it.


Frequently Asked Kitchen Remodeling Questions

We have been in this business for a long time and have heard many questions over the years.  Below are some of the most common ones that you may want to know before renovating your kitchen.

How much will it cost to remodel our kitchen?

the costs are very reliant on the cost of the materials chosen and the intricacy of the project. However, In New England, on average the cost to completely remodel a kitchen a kitchen remodel costs $24,992 or $150 per square foot, which is why kitchen remodeling is generally considered an investment in your home both as it relates to your enjoyment and ability to sell.

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?

Depending on the scope of your project and whether you are undertaking a major or minor kitchen remodel, the project can take up to 5 to 6 weeks with electrical, plumbing and carpentry finish work. There are a lot of moving parts and if you are selling your home, Obtaining the proper permits is a necessity that can delay the project if not done at the onset. Depending upon the scope of your project, there may be inspections along the way too. The key is to talk to your contractor and get a good game plan in place so you know what to expect and if anything can be done in stages.

Can I buy standard cabinets to save money?

Yes, we can install cabinets you purchase if you prefer. We would design the project, confirm the measurements, and provide a supportive role for you to go to Lowes or Home Depot or your choice of store.

How long have you been renovating kitchens?

We have been in business since 1996 and incorporated since 1998.

Do you want to remodel your kitchen?

Do you have a budget in mind for your project?

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