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Since 1998, CGC Home Improvement has been installing marble, quarts and granite countertop as part of its customized kitchen remodeling projects, and we have been growing our business ever since.

Years ago, a homeowner did not have many choices in what type of Countertops use in their kitchen renovation projects. Essentially you could use laminate or laminate, and even then, you only had a select few choices of colors to match the rest of your space. This is not the case any longer, and CGC Home Improvement can help you make the right choice, in terms of stone, color and protection against staining, and chipping that your new countertops will provide for your kitchen including how it will work with your backsplash, and custom cabinets.


Is Granite man made?

Granite is a stone that is quarried from the earth, and was created by erupting volcanos. It is natural just like marble and limestone.

What makes granite a certain color?

The different quantities of minerals, such as feldspar, mica, and quarts in addition to others that make up each section of a granite rock will result in different colors and patterns.

Can Granite harm your kitchen knives?

Granite is not only very strong, but also it is a very hard substance. As such, if you cut food directly on a granite countertop, you can dull your blade. This is good because your countertop will not scuff, but you may need to sharpen your knives frequently. To avoid this, we recommend using a plastic or wooden cutting board and not your bare counters.

Can granite withstand dropping heavy objects on it?

If you drop something heavy on your granite countertop, you may find it can be damaged. It is very likely your countertop will start to chip. In addition, granite is not flexible and can crack if you put something too heavy on it, like a child jumping up and down.

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